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DNSSEC as standard

DNSSEC is available on all zones by default. No fees or fumbling around to find where its hidden.


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We're upfront about what we'll charge you, and we wont throw higher prices on you out of nowhere.


Built for techies

All the settings you want, when you want them, all in plain sight (with a few helpers if you need them).


WHOIS Privacy

Control over what data you want to publish in WHOIS, with every domain, for free.



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The little things

Small touches to make your life just that little bit easier

RIPE NCC Member Logo

Your local RIPE NCC member.

We're a proud member of the RIPE NCC, the authority for ASNs and IP addresses in Europe.

Whether you want help getting your first ASN, or just need some more IP addresses, we're more than happy to help. Head to our LIR services page to learn what we can do for you.

Made in Wales.

Proudly Welsh, not that being local matters on the internet

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We've all been there, stuck with support that just isn't doing a great job of supporting what you're trying to do.

We try to do better than that. Your emails wont go unanswered, and we'll get someone who knows how to fix it in touch with you ASAP.

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This has been the quickest .de nameserver setup I've had.

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You are so awesome, I don’t know how to explain!