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An update on the invasion of Ukraine

This is not a blog post I’ve wanted to write, but we find ourselves in this situation whether we like it or not. The amount of detail we can provide is limited by just how fast everything is moving at the moment, but we’ll do our best to summarise what we do and don’t know.

What is registry lock?

Your domain name is vital to your business. Most businesses simply cannot operate without their domain name. Its only natural to want to protect this most vital business asset. Registry lock is a solution for that.

Deploy GitHub Pages directly within HexDNS

Setting up GitHub Pages on a custom domain can be a bit annoying sometimes, with switching between tabs and different UIs resulting in far too many button clicks for what should be a simple job. That’s why today we’re announcing support for managing GitHub Pages deployments directly within HexDNS.

Managing CDS records on HexDNS

Sometimes you’ll want to move your DNS to a different provider, and managing DNSSEC during that transition can be a huge pain.

A small update to HexDNS

Until recently our DNS service (HexDNS) would not serve zones as authoritative without NS records in the parent pointing to our DNS servers.

Brexit; changes from 2021

Unless you’ve been living in another galaxy for the past 4 years you’ll know the United Kingdom is leaving the European Union. As we’re a UK company, providing digital telecommunications services to the EU, this will result in a few changes for us, and for you when we leave the transition period at midnight at the end of December, and start under new rules from January the 1st 2021.

CDS at the registrar level

Setting up DNSSEC is an often tedious task, and recently (ok March 2017 but that’s recent for an internet standard), a method to automate the setup of the records needed to delegate a DNSSCE zone boundary has been devised. I’d like to present what we think is a first in the domains sector, using it at the registrar level.

What does a registrar do?

Registrars can ofter seem opaque, perhaps even magic. You click a few buttons on your registrar of choice, pay them some money, and eventually there’s a new DNS record pointing to your servers.

Introducing Glauca

Hello there! We’re Glauca, and we’re building a better interneting experience.