Our RIPE NCC LIR services.

As a member of the RIPE NCC we're able to offer various LIR services to customers wishing to obtain Autonomous System Numbers or IP addresses. We'll work with you to give you the best shot at a sucessfull application to the RIPE NCC, and we'll help you get started with your new resources. For pricing information see our pricing page.

Autonomous System Numbers

Autonomous System Numbers (or ASNs) are what identify different networks on the internet. Having one is essential to getting started with BGP. Getting an ASN from RIPE requires a LIR (Local Internet Registry, thats us!) to sponsor the application. We'll guide you through the RIPE process and help you familiarise with the systems required to make effective use of your ASN.

Steps to getting your ASN

PA and PI IP address blocks

As a LIR we can also assign you IPv6 address blocks from our RIPE allocation as Provider-aggregatable address space, or sponsor Provider-independent address space (be it IPv4 or IPv6).

PA? PI? What's the difference

In normal day to day operations there's not much different between them. The difference comes when you decide to change your LIR. PA space is tied to the LIR so you will have to renumber when this happens, PI space is tied to yourself so it can be moved between LIRs. So why use PA at all? Simply; it is cheaper. RIPE charges each LIR an annual fee per PI block they sponsor, whereas PA space is included in the membership. For more a more detailed look at PI vs PA please refer to the RIPE policy on IP assignments; currently ripe-738.