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First 3 zones free.

£1 per zone per month for extra zones. (@ 20% GB VAT, other rates applicable in the EU)

Secondary and rDNS zones supported as standard.

Zero-setup DNSSEC as standard. (requires registry support)

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RIPE LIR Services

ASN sponsorship for entities with servers in Europe.
  • £48 for students
  • £72 for natural persons
  • £120 for corporate entities

Non recurring charge (@ 20% GB VAT, other rates applicable in the EU).

1 /48 IPv6 prefix included as standard. Basic help to get started with the RIPE database if you need it.

IPv6 PA and PI allocations
  • £24 per IPv6 /48-44 PA
  • £84 per IPv6 /48 PI

Yearly recurring charge (@ 20% GB VAT, other rates applicable in the EU).

Transfers charged the same as new registrations.

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ac.uk/gov.uk/gov.scot/gov.wales/llyw.cymru domains

Registration of a JISC managed domain, provided with complimentary help with the application proccess and the JISC eligibility critea.

  • £120 application and first two years of registration
  • £60 every following two years
  • Full refund of the application fee if you're not successful

Prices exclusive of VAT.

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