Introducing Glauca

Hello there! We’re Glauca, and we’re building a better interneting experience.


You know the feeling; you just want to update one thing, you know exactly want, but for some reason this is an ordeal. We think we can do better. We won’t get in the way of what you want to do

What novel features can you actually offer?

There’s really not much that can be added to domain registration, all it really is essence is an expensive database entry (the database being DNS). Whilst we don’t think we can offer anything absolutely revolutionary, we want to be unique in the way we interact with you; as a customer and a person, not as a means to profit.

We won’t mess you around and we’ll try our best to make everything as crystal clear as possible (we’ve got the hard job of reading all the technical manuals).

We want to hear from you!

We only know what we think you want, and as much as we’d love it we don’t have a magic crystal ball, so please contact us with what you want to see us work into our feature set.

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Witch in Chief